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I wanted to do this website with the help of Nate to basically have an outlet to discuss all matters Sensation and to display any projects I assemble and for other fans to post their projects. It is a gathering place to showcase and appreciate everyone's mowers and to talk amongst ourselves to share information and resources, especially technical information and parts and procedures. Past information and history is rare and hard to come by. This is the only site on the internet dedicated to these mowers.... I eventually want to make this fully comprehensive and bring over the years of gathered info from the Yahoo Groups site. This dedicated website was created at the request of the early members.

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Waymond's Mower


Here's a mower from one of our Arizona brethren Waymond. I did a copper colored motor for his blue deck. Reports starts first pull and runs great!

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14L2. Commercial Cemetery mower


I’m going to attempt to load the various fotos of my new new edition.

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Update 2018


I haven't been contributing much lately. It's been a very busy winter so far. I am doing quite a bit in the shop though. Several motors and a new crazy build-up for the summer. The best one ever! Most of you all text me now and for those who have my number can continue to do so. This summer I'm hoping to be extremely active here. Feel free to post stuff. This is YOUR website. Regards!

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Crankshaft guards


Here is a photo of two crankshaft guards. Note they are identical except that the early Sensation one has Ralston Nebraska stamped on it while the Gilson Sensation has the town blanked out. Almost like the tooling was ground to remove the town. I thought it was pretty neat.


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Summer 2017 Project(s) Done!!!


Sorry for the delay and lack of activity here. Life keeps throwing me curveballs!. I finally finished the promised May project. A factory original 1981 21" Sensation! Perfect in every detail!! I also completed a killer custom Skunk-Works edition lawnmower for one of our members. There's also a rebuilt 21" for sale currently that's ready for lawn duty. Some of you may remember a lot of 6 Sensations for sale on Ebay in the spring, well that collection now belongs Sensation-Mowers.com.

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Daily Driver Upgrade


Since I'm selling off my 3.5hp modified motor, I decided to build from scratch a bone stock 4hp 110908 Sensation-spec'd motor to use from now on for my residential mowing duties. Factory parts, factory paint, and brand new roto exhaust valve. No decals. they are too expensive and will be saved for your restorations. I'm working on a full-on factory 4hp resto right now with powdercoated deck for the summer reveal!!

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Late Winter Update


Just in the middle of a few projects including a full Sensation spec NOS parts 4hp motor for a new mower to be revealed in April/May. I just need a few more parts/decals

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Winter Update


It's been a little slow in here over the winter and it usually is. But that doesn't mean things are slow in the workshop. In fact winter is the best time for me to focus on projects to unveil for the spring and summer mowing season. Here's a little taste of what's happening at Sensation Mowers.com. Motor Mania!! Several powerplants have been assembled awaiting test runs. And another 2 mowers for the site museum and 1 for a friend! Stay tuned!

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Sales give-aways


Here are some give away items that salesmen gave to get leads on Sensation sales. I found a few recently at an uncles house after he passes away.

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