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I wanted to do this website with the help of Nate to basically have an outlet to discuss all matters Sensation and to display any projects I assemble and for other fans to post their projects. It is a gathering place to showcase and appreciate everyone's mowers and to talk amongst ourselves to share information and resources, especially technical information and parts and procedures. Past information and history is rare and hard to come by. This is the only site on the internet dedicated to these mowers.... I eventually want to make this fully comprehensive and bring over the years of gathered info from the Yahoo Groups site. This dedicated website was created at the request of the early members.

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Happy New Year!


'Tis the season for dreamin'. Summer mowing, projects, modifications, maintenance, replacing your tired motor with a Sensation-Mowers.com motor, Etc.. This fall and winter has seen quite a few motors hit the turf coming out of my shop. I apologize for the lack of fancy projects posted here. I have focused mostly on the motors and haven't done many full mowers. That will change soon. I'd like to still do a full pastel Easter mower. Currently, I'm working a a new personal motor with a heavily modified camshaft, dual rotating valves, and a host of other go-fast goodies. Stay tuned.

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Shout out to Nate, and others.


I just wanted to take the time to mention some of the important people of this site. First off this site literally wouldn't be possible without Nate. An off chance spurious google search lead me to Nate and his very own website chronicling his many hobbies. Other than his fondness for Sensations he probably has the most authoritative knowledge of "Doodlebugs". I'm sure if you message him he will gladly immerse you. HE runs the site.

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Sensation MoBlo

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RestoMOD 21” sensation


Just finished this 21” mower up!! Built new style push bars using parts of the swing over handle and switched to rear mount and deck mount push bar to take some of the load off just using the rear mounts. Made some rear wheel adapters for 10” rear wheels, spent a TON of time on making new grass catcher mount and aluminum grass catcher with buck riveted screens and an aluminum skid plate that is removable to replace once worn. Powder coated all parts and pin-striped the deck.

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Custom 110908


Check out this amazing 110908 style 4hp leaving the shop for a new owner that demanded a motor that wouldn't buckle under the pressure of demanding work. I hate parting with these masterpieces. Kudos to the new owner.. a piece of modern history and art made for abuse.

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Vertical-Pull Starters


A few years ago I came across a great deal for brand new aftermarket parts for the vertical pull starters. Lately I have received complaints that some of the parts are failing. So if you find that this happens to one of your motors, send the starter housing back to me and I'll rebuild them free of charge with Factory parts. This only applies to the vertical pull starters, and only to the ones that failed due to the aftermarket part. Call if you have questions.

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Swap meet and show


I've been kicking around the idea of a Sensation Mower swap meet and mower show. Of course it would be dependent on the interest. It would take place in Central Pa and I would try to get the venue at the local park. Who would be interested?

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Taking Members' Ideas


What should the first project be that comes out of the new workshop? Any ideas on themes or color schemes?

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1969 21 inch partial restoration


I took some time this weekend to clean up my 1969 Sensation. I re powered it in 1983 with a 4HP Commercial IC motor and just put a new gas tank and carb on it. Next on the list of things to do is the wheel bearings and rubber tires.

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