Engine Rebuilds, Tune-ups, Upgrades

Keep your Sensation Mower running strong. For mowers with the 3-5hp Briggs motors I offer engine work services. Read below from the menu to see what best suits your needs.

Budget Rebuild: $80 Fully disassemble, clean, inspect, and advise.
- New gaskets
- Rebuild carb (clean, new diaphram)
- Decarbon piston, valves, head
- Clean points (If equipped).
- New oil seal
- New spark plug
- Tune up
- Operating manual
* any part that needs replaced will be advised and extra.

Rebuild: $130 Includes budget rebuild plus:
- Fresh engine paint (add $20 for new decals)
- Hone cylinder
- New rings
- Resurface valves/Lap
- New oil seals
- New muffler
- Operating manual

Factory Fresh: $200 Includes rebuild plus:
- Fully sandblast external parts to bare metal
- FACTORY paint
- Decals
- Chase all threads
- Full carb rebuild (new jet/needle, paint, diaphram, gasket)
- New rope/handle/knob
- New linkage/spring
- New factory muffler
- No detail left unaddressed
- Parts (internal) upgrade if necessary
- Operating manual
*Dented tin will be extra to fix or replace

Factory Overhaul: $280 Includes Factory Fresh plus:
-New Piston and pin
-New Valves and springs (add $20 for a new Roto-valve or a conversion)
-New coil (magnetron conversion)
-New recoil starting clutch (if equipped)
-New recoil spring

Total Engine: $360 (no core)
- I can also totally assemble a 3.5hp engine for you if you have no core.
- Completely refurbished block, head, sump, carb, crank, tin
- In some cases new tin or new carb.
- All new rings, piston, con rod, valves
- Factory paint, decals
- Roto-exhaust valve
- Operating manual
- You will be getting a reman-new 70's era Sensation motor.

Limited Edition Skunk-Works Engine: $425 (no core)
- Select 3.5hp core
- New tin
- New internals
- Caber rings
- Vertical pull
- 5 hp camshaft
- 0.020" ignition advance
- Green governor spring (4200 RPM)
- Graphite head gasket (copper add 10$)
- Stainless Steel bolts
- Roto exhaust valve
- Heavy Duty valve springs
- Platinum Plug
- Magnetron Ignition

Tune-Up: 50$ for any motor I rebuilt for you in the past.
-Will clean, de-carbon, tune, new gaskets, new plug, new air filter and advise.

Performance Options/Parts:
- Convert to vertical pull start $80 (will require new flywheel, shroud, and screen)
- 0.020" copper head gasket $30
- Install Advance ignition timing (0.020" advanced flywheel key) $10
- Eliminate compression release $25
- Install (green) governor spring 4200 RPM $10
- Stainless Steel Bolts $15
- Steel hub $15 (part) (recommended with performance options)
- Eliminate points $30 (Magnetron conversion)
- Operating Manual $5 (part)
- Replacement Decals set $20 (part)

This service only applies to Briggs and Stratton motors installed on Sensation Lawnmowers. 3hp, 3.5hp, 4hp only. E-mail (sensation_mowers@yahoo.com) for prices for Briggs 5hp I/C.

High Quality USA made only parts will be used in all cases, Factory parts will used as priority depending on cost and availability.

You assume full responsibility of using a modified motor, Inherent risk to equipment and self may increase due to motor no longer conforming to factory specs. Motor will be capable of operating outside of factory set safety levels. Using this service assumes you will accept any responsibility of personal or equipment harm.

Shipping will be your responsibility, Located Central PA 17837. Drop offs preferred if possible, 5 mins off Rt 80. A typical motor can fit in a 14x14x14 box. DO NOT SEND FILTHY MOTORS. Clean the best you can. Drain gas/oil, ship upside down. Mark fragile, insure.