Trick cam swap.

I had a tough time figuring out which motor to swap my newly reground cam into. I originally wanted to put it into a 4hp rebuild I had laying around but then boredom struck. Since my 3.5hp workhorse mower has been the recipient of every upgrade I came up with I decided to put the cam in there. Click title to read on... Once old cam was out I realized that the 4hp cam does not fit. I decided to quickly weld up material onto the lobes on the 3.5hp cam and grind.. Initially I put 0.050" metal on and when installed the valves hit the head. So I reground to 0.030" on intake and exhaust. I was able to fire it up with VERY finicky jet settings, When I have more time I'll see what jetting it needs to run perfect but as of now it revs like a mofo!