Shout out to Nate, and others.

I just wanted to take the time to mention some of the important people of this site. First off this site literally wouldn't be possible without Nate. An off chance spurious google search lead me to Nate and his very own website chronicling his many hobbies. Other than his fondness for Sensations he probably has the most authoritative knowledge of "Doodlebugs". I'm sure if you message him he will gladly immerse you. HE runs the site. Wade, which was active early on, is an ACTUAL relative of the founder of Sensation lawn mowers company. His early support helped boost this group. And if you think I'm the biggest fan of these mowers, you're wrong. Probably one on the most silent members here is the most active in real life. He's been involved in person with me over a decade and spends more time and money on his mowers than any one I know. Leigh has his bolts powdercoated, and sends them back if he doesn't like the finish, then uses the mowers full duty.... That's how it's done folks. Trust me, this site hasn't even started yet. I've got my hands on some original hard to find stuff and soon I will be full bore assembling engines. Happy Mowing!.