Flip Handle Looking for New Home

Hello to the Sensation crowd. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship required to restore the mowers shown on this site. It is nice to see results of talented people, especially in today's world.
I have a Sensation "Flip Handle" mower that needs a new home where it will be taken care of. Before sending it to the transfer station for re-cycling - I decided to search to see if these machines had any collector friends, this is how and why I found this site.
It has the 3.5 Briggs, color white and is a complete machine. It just has surface rust from sitting in an unheated garage, does not appear to have been abused. Not sure if engine turns-over, it has sat in my garage for approx.12 yrs. , I have never tried to start it. I am cleaning out the garage!
I am located in Rhode Island.
Is anyone interested in this machine? If so, I will try and upload or provide some pictures. I have them on my phone. If you email me I can send them to you.
Thanks for allowing me to contribute.
Keep up the great work restoring historical pieces of the landscape industry tools.

I may be interested. email me. sensation_mowers.@yahoo.com

By Rocco

Rocco - I am having trouble sending you an email; my email returns an invalid email address for you. I tried twice and even substituted a (.) for the (_) in your email address. I have pictures I am trying to send for your viewing pleasure.


I am interested in the mower. I live on Cape Cod. I am Keith cell 508 237 1082 leave message if I don’t pick up and I will call back. Keith

By Keith Hutchings

This mower has been spoken for as of July 7, 2020.
Thank you to the site administrator for setting up and maintaining this site to keep the exchange of Sensation information and machines alive and well.
This site saved another Sensation!