RestoMOD 21” sensation

Just finished this 21” mower up!! Built new style push bars using parts of the swing over handle and switched to rear mount and deck mount push bar to take some of the load off just using the rear mounts. Made some rear wheel adapters for 10” rear wheels, spent a TON of time on making new grass catcher mount and aluminum grass catcher with buck riveted screens and an aluminum skid plate that is removable to replace once worn. Powder coated all parts and pin-striped the deck.

A huge thanks goes out to Rocco for answering questions I had along the way, as well as one NICE 110908 motor with detailed pics in the post below mine:
NOS high compression 4hp Block, internals, custom cam, roto-valve, heavy flywheel, new tank/carb and other in house parts. Per Rocco puts out a solid 6.5HP and very smooth running.