Engine Replacement

I was wondering if any of the new Briggs and Stratton motors would fit on my flip handle. I've had a deck sitting in my shed for 20+ years and looking to get it cleaned up. Thanks.

Sure, most new motors will bolt on, but if you want, i can build you a new 3.5hp period correct motor.

By Rocco

Hi all my name is Lou and i have 5 Sensation lawn mowers. One of them needs a new engine. Instead of buying a new style engine, which I put on 2 of my mowers, i would like to put a period correct one on. To me they seem to have more power. I made a stupid mistake last year. I threw away a 4 horse power engine . I did not know I could have sent it to Rocco for a complete rebuild. I do have a 3.5 i would like to rebuild. Can you let me know what it would cost and I will send you the old one.

By Louis Pidi