Wood deck mower barn find

I'm looking for any info that you guys might have on this old wood deck mower, i just found it in a shed that was getting cleaned out. I just can't find any info on it

Definately an oldie, there's a few ppl on here that have them. Most of us hoard the newer ones to restore/modify and use. I personally haven't come across the ancient models.

By Rocco
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Wade once posted about the wood deck mowers in the Yahoo Group. I have his comments about those on the History page: http://www.sensation-mowers.com/node/23. Some links to the others are on this page. Here's what looks to be the patent for it.

By Nate

does this mower have any value, i haven't tried to get it running. but, the engine is not seized up and the blade does move. it looks like a little work it would probably run again
i would sell it if someone is interested in it, it would make a great restoration project.

if someone wants to buy it they can contact me at 262-483-3486

By zach rate