New Paint for 2020

Quarantine restoration. Did that get your attention? I have a beautiful green Sensation 21” mower with a 6HP IC Briggs & Stratton engine that is not original but what came with the mower when I purchased it 15 years ago. While I have taken good care of this machine with maintenance and weekly use in season it runs great but looked tired when I purchased it and looks tired now. With extra time on my hands these days and a desire to bring this back to its original glory (and continue to use weekly) I decided to begin by re-painting her with the idea to purchase a rebuilt engine to match sometime in the future. Unfortunately, the green ‘Hammered’ Rustoleum paint is no longer available and the all but impossible to find Briggs & Stratton Ice white reserve stock has been depleted. It is time for someone with a significant amount more experience than me to update this forum on what paints, readily available, may be used for a restoration project.
On a completely separate note…
Walt’s Lawnmower was near stomping ground growing up, what a great place.

So far the cub cadet white paint is close. I have some but havent tried it to see how it stands up to engine heat. I will soon though.

By Rocco