Vertical-Pull Starters

A few years ago I came across a great deal for brand new aftermarket parts for the vertical pull starters. Lately I have received complaints that some of the parts are failing. So if you find that this happens to one of your motors, send the starter housing back to me and I'll rebuild them free of charge with Factory parts. This only applies to the vertical pull starters, and only to the ones that failed due to the aftermarket part. Call if you have questions.


Hello Rocco. I have a masterpiece of an motor you rebuilt but I think it may have the starter issue you mentioned. It does not recoil all the way and maybe five inches of the rope hangs out. Is this a symptom? Can I sent it back?

By Detroit_Sensation

The particular issue that happens is that the spindle shatters, Although i suspect it's due to "yanking" the starter, Your issue is simply just loosening the screw underneath the cap (located on the bottom) and then tightening the spring by hand and resetting the screw.

By Rocco