New decals available?


I scored (my first) 16" Sensations mower a coupla years ago and am getting around to restoring it. I traded some stuff (a Lawn-Boy 2 stroke walk behind mower) to a friend of mine who is an excellent welder. He repaired the deck and made it look exactly nothing had ever been missing (a 3" square chunk of aluminum) out of the top of the discharge chute. Thanks, Joel! Anyway, there are some very faded decals on the mower, and I wonder if they would be available? Pics included including a shot of the repaired chute.

There's a "Sensations" decal behind the pic of the repaired discharge, and 2 "arrow" pics, one on each side of the mower listing (I think) features and benefits of owning this mower>I'd like to add a couple of more pics but can't see a way to do this...

By slapshot