Moving!!! has found a new home. A bigger and better shop!. I will now have a much better place to build mowers and motors..Currently all part are in storage and will be unpacked soon. Heres a pic of a wall of fully restored and crated mowers. Never before has there been a gathering of complete like new Sensations. Each crate has 1 new mower in it.


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good luck on the move!

By Nate

Thanks,cant wait for summer. Message me for parts!

By Rocco

Rocco,Good luck with the new move to a bigger and better shop! I'm so happy that your family is ,moving to a new place to meet all your needs.Good health to all! George

By vwgeorge

As my user name applies I am a sexton. Would love to get my hands on a 14". I use hand held, self propelled Toro and Echo Bearcat walk behind. This ole' body needs all the help it can get !!!

By sexton-tom

Hi all,
I just came upon the website as I'm trying to figure out how to do some fixes to my two Sensation mowers. Loved the feature of Walt's lawnmower shop in Rivervale, NJ, where I grew up. In fact, my green mower with the flip handle was purchased there when I was 11 years old. I am 65 today and still using it, original everything and it runs like a champ. I posted a picture of this machine as well as a Sensation Commercial that I picked up at a garage sale for $25.00 in the gallery. Got it running and it too runs like a champ. Am trying to figure out how to get grass catchers and new bearings for the wheels.
Thanks for doing this web community. The refurb projects are beautiful!

By Ed Chapel

Welcome ED!

By Rocco