Engine Surplus/Shortage!

Here at Sensation-Mowers.com I have an engine surplus. I have all kinds of engines ready for sale. Here's another stunning 110908 factory rebuild leaving the shop. I have running, all original motors, fully rebuilt like-new motors, factory restorations, and many blocks and parts ready to be assembled.. Also there is a world-wide shortage of genuine 4hp blocks and parts (110908) series. So if you want a fully rebuilt 110908 series 4hp motor that is completely rebuilt from scratch and re-machined parts, 100% clean and fresh paint/gaskets let me know. They will run like new for many many years. Also don't forget about the 3.5hp. I have almost every part new factory I can assemble and outperform any motor you have.


hi rocco im interested in a motor please contact me at robtorres23@icloud.com

By robtorres23