FREE 1982 Sensation (Claimed - Mar 4, 2019)

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Please note: This mower has been claimed as of Mar 4, 2019

We realize this might not be possible for most members of the group but Sensation legacy owner Stuart wrote in to offer his Sensation FREE for pick up - in Colorado.

I just want to offer my 19” Sensation to anyone who wants to come get it – no charge (Denver area).

1) I bought it in April of 1982. I used my dad’s Sensation as a teenager (1970s) for my lawn mowing business, so when I became a homeowner in 1982, nothing else would suffice.
2) Everything is original except the engine (which is not working).
3) My wife mows the lawn when I’m out of town, and she wanted a self-propelled mower. She did not want me dropping another new engine on it like I did 10 or 12 years ago.
4) I can probably find the original paperwork if anyone wants it along with the mower.


Cell: 303-898-5633

If you don’t mind letting your membership know maybe someone will stop by on a driving trip out West. Feel free to release my email address.