engine shop..

The engine shop is now open for restorations and custom builds.. First come, first served basis. Confirmed orders only! As of now payment will be half up front, and half when completed.. I will send videos of your motor all tuned and running. Confirm thru email. You tell me what you need and I'll quote price. Typically 1 to 2 months turnaround time, sometimes 3. Keep your mower original!!!!


I’m glad I came across your website.

I have a garbage-picked Sensation mower, and I’m so impressed with the quality, simplicity, and sturdiness that I would like the engine rebuilt. I would like the “Factory-fresh” job on the engine.

When can I send my engine in?

By Detroit_Sensation

Sure, email me @ and we can discuss details.

By Rocco

What information do you need from me to purchase a refurbished engine for one of my Sensation mowers? What is the cost and where do I ship my core engine?

By emozerjr