Jared's Mowers

The green mower is my fully restored by myself 1968 21 inch that was purchased new by my grandmother. The orange 21 inch was built by me from parts I found. The deck was shipped to me from New York along with the handle. The wheels came off eBay and the engine I found on a beat up Coast to Coast mower while driving to school. The deck was originally a stationary handle so I made my own brackets at school. The big mower was given to me by a man who contacted me through this website. It's been a work in progress. This is my second summer with it and it works but it still needs some tlc. The belt guide still needs to be put on and the carb really needs to be replaced. Other than that a bit of touchup paint and it's' finished. I do want to build a sulky for it though. With that note all my mowers get used daily and cut great. And yes those striping pictures are unedited. I bet no mower of today can come close to matching that.

Also if anyone would happen to have a Walbro 198 LMG carburetor let me know. I am interested.


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Really nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

By Nate
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Outstanding work!

By Kopfjaeger