Summer Update

This summer I have suspended the services shop until late Fall. I am completely upgrading my shop with new and better tools for engine work. I also am acquiring many new factory parts and trying to get blocks. I am cleaning all my parts and getting the shop all organized so in the fall I can take orders and get motors out to you faster and much, much better. With the new tools and services I can now provide, my engines will be running much, much better and longer. Blocks are hard to come by, but I am getting them. So I will be offering complete 100% factory original motors fully Sensation spec'd, Custom performance mods, restorations, tune-ups, upgrades, or core trade-ins. Engine work only. I prefer not to do entire mowers, but I may be able to help with parts. Keep you Sensation all original and factory (style) correct!!!! Also I am behind on my mower project, But it's still on! maybe for a fall release.