I hope everyone's mowers are running good. If you're running a motor that I did for you and there's issues get in contact with me. I haven't heard anything from anyone since I started doing this so I must be doing something right. Regardless let me know how they are running. I will be suspending any motor building for this summer until I get my shop restocked. I'm low on parts and need to procure more factory inventory. I'll start building again this fall/winter. My current project is also on hold due to being extremely busy this spring and a few other issues. Plenty of good deal on mowers in the internet so scoop them up now, or better yet I have many mowers for sale right now that are in MUCH better condition and less expensive.. People are asking 200-300 dollars for seized junked mowers. Let me know if you need a quality Sensation. Happy Mowing!


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I was one of the early motor jobs and my was borderline on whether it just needed a tune up or a full blown rework. We opted for just a tune up at the time. I haven't been using it much since I put it all back together since I've got a 1989 John Deere 14SB self-propelled with a bag which is better on gas than the old B&S. Yesterday I had just finished up the back when the self-propelled stopped working. I looked into it and it seems the wheel clutch(es?) have seized and the thing is so heavy (steel deck) and back wheels won't spin right I was stuck.

Hauled out the Sensation, got some oil in it (it is still burning through a lot of oil), removed the air filter and propped it full open set the throttle back and it fired up in a few pulls. Managed to get my front done in no time (*so* much lighter with the Aluminum deck). Gotta figure out whats up with the JD but at least my 35 year old Sensation is working! Any idea why its still smoking so much? (We had hoped that it would settle in - perhaps I haven't run it enough?)

By Nate

Nate, I'm pretty sure your intake valve guide was worn. I have the tools now to press in new guides.

By Rocco
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Please put me on the list when you get up and running again!

By Jeff Rhode

Sure, you just want a rebuild? or a full resto?

By Rocco
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Rocco, for some reason my starter is jamming up partway up the pull and I can't get the thing to start. I'd almost think the valve was stuck closed but the engine rotates freely otherwise. I pulled the starter off, added a couple of revs to the spring (rope wasn't retracting), made sure the rope wasn't getting caught underneath somehow, and lubed up up the small rope pulley... hmmf.. still won't spin the motor up. if I just pull gently after if jams, I can get the rope to fully extend. Ever seen one like that before? Leave it to me to come up with a problem like this...



By Sensational Tom

Email me. Ill send you a rebuilt one. Im not sure..sometimes the pulley has a wider slot for wider ropes.. maybe i used the 5hp pulley? The rope binds in them.

By Rocco