19" Sensation mower restored for my wife

This is my 1st sensation restoration a gift for my wife.Engine period correct rebuilt,all tires replaced with new bearings,axle bolts , hardware & blade.Rebuilt catcher with re-screen kit.I think I'm good for another 45+ years of mowing.Now it time to start my 21". Having fun!


That's a stunning machine George, solid work! It's really for you though right?

By Rocco

That was good Rocco! It's really hers for whenever she wants to use it. But of course she’ll let me borrow it LOL. I have a green 1976 flip handle in the pipeline; if you look at the pictures you'll see that I have engines as well. The vertical pull is a later model n.o.s replacement 3 1/2 which I don't know what to do with yet. (Not for sale) Just sitting on top of the deck for now. You'll see one rebuilt engine that's complete ready for paint and decals, you'll see another rotator engine in the process of rebuilding and you'll see another dirty engine core in pieces a future winter project. Having fun will keep you posted. Thanks again for all your help with my questions I've had over the last couple months.

By vwgeorge
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Wow, nice job! I really need to get moving on mine! Thanks for sharing!


By Kopfjaeger
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Wow that looks great. You said 45 years - does that make this one a 1973? Is there a model number associated with it anywhere?

By Nate