If your the guy who has the SENSATION mower and the SENSATION edger, you NEED this blower to complete your vintage collection.
This is a 5hp Briggs (of course). The code indicates it was built in 1977. It’s orange and white and has all original paint and all decals are intact. The tires are original and in very good shape, no dry rot- they even still have their whiskers! Lots of stainless steel bolts!
It was very lightly used by the origional owner. It was never used commercially. The rubber handgrips are in excellent condition. Their is some surface rust on the orange blower housing. The motor starts, runs strong with no smoke. There is an elaborate spring loaded chute that directs the air out the side or to the front. It’s got fresh gas and a recent oil change. I can show you how easy it starts.
It’s located in North Haledon, NJ 07508.
It’s a rare survivor. Don’t hesitate if you want it- you may never find another one. I couldn’t find any info online about it.
$300 picked up in NJ.
Send a PM to contact.

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PM sent! Very interested!

By Kopfjaeger
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The forum post can now hold three images but I posted all of Renegade32's images of this power blower to a new page in the Models section. Check it out.

By Nate

The blower has been sold!
Thanks for all your inquiries.

By Renegade32