4 hp blocks

These 4hp blocks are harder and harder to find. Every block I come across is catastrophically cracked, or has destroyed valve seats and completely unserviceable. There's several newer shortblocks around but are redesigned and arent of the Sensation era design. I literally cannot find servicable 4hp blocks from the 70's anymore. I will soon be investing in several valve and valve guide tool kits to install new valve guides and valve seats in blocks, but that still wont solve the scarcity problem or cracked blocks problem. I just ordered a 4hp block, and of course it was cracked.. Also the 4hp roto exhaust valve is completely non existant now, and the factory ice white paint is becoming extinct. Something to think about.

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This news makes me sad. Lawn mower engines have been made a disposable item since the 80’s. It was simply easier and nearly as cheap to replace a smoking engine than to rebuild it. Small engine repair shops became places to swap engines out, a long time ago. The new B&S engines don’t resemble the 70-late 90’s engine, at all!

By Kopfjaeger

This summer I have to hit up a few junkyards, I will be tooling up for full on valve guide and seat replacements. That will make a few more blocks serviceable.

By Rocco