Sensation parts - T Bracket and wheels

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Where, what website can I go to to purchase a T-Bracket and wheels? My Dad owned a lawnmower shop for 40 years. He passed away in 1999. I thought I had saved all the replacement parts I would need for my sensation. But family members have scavenged my stock! Now I need an original swinging handle mower T-Bracket and new wheels. I have several adapters left and two new baskets with brackets that I would be willing to trade. See photo of basket. New never used in box.

Joanne I e-mailed you. I most likely will be able to help you.

By Rocco
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eBay has T bars sometimes just check often. Wheels are there too. The 8 and 10 inch with bearings and grease fittings. You even see the silver “mag style” once and a while.

Nice grass catcher! You don’t see them NOS like that too often. I snagged two still in their boxes. Cost me $200 each, tho.


By Kopfjaeger

I am looking for Model # 66716A grass catcher. That model fits the black grass catcher attachment. I do not need the attachment-I need a new or used grass catcher that is model # 66716 A. THX

By brody dog
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That’s a tall order! You can find the catcher frames but normally the material is toast. Anyone that has a real nice catcher seems to know what they have and they will ask a pretty penny for it. I would keep an eye on Craigs list. You’d be more likely to find one there over eBay. I also put out the word with a few landscapers. They seem to know what gear other landscapers have.

By Kopfjaeger