80's NOS engine in a 70's Sensation



I'm in the process of placing an NOS 4hp Sensation engine into my 70's mower. The NOS engine has an engine brake, that I've by passed. How do I ground out the ignition to shut the mower off? I was hoping the throttle would bring engine speed down enough to do a controlled stall but she does not.

Any tips to shut the motor off without adding a ton of modern parts?? I suppose I could attempt the put the old carb. And throttlecplate from my seized 3.75 Briggs on her. I think the engine brake contains a grounding wire for the ignition. Is any body aware of any differences in a mid 90's 3.75 carb and a mid 80's 4hp??

Thanks in advance!


This is an easy fix! Behind the throttle bracket, above the gas tank theres a switch. I'll post a "how to".

By Rocco

Thanks Rocco! That would be awesome!!

By Kopfjaeger