Skunk-Works Mower is here!

Finally finished the Skunk-works mower!! Click the title to read all about it!

This is a pristine mower with every possible trick tossed into the motor. This features a 3.5hp crank and block fully prepped. Caber rings, heavy powerwasher flywheel, 0.020" ignition advance, Magnetron ignition, graphite head gasket, custom fitted 5hp camshaft, 4200 RPM governor spring, steel hub, high compression, and grade 5 bolts. This mower is a beast! Runs better than it looks!!


Rocco- Incredible job ! Looks perfect. Would love to own that one ! Cheers.

By brody dog

Thanks man!! I'm glad you like it. Was a blast to build. Already working on a new project!!

By Rocco