Post your workhorses

Let's see your non-project workhorses. The mowers you use and abuse. The starts-every-time mow the lawn quick mower. Mine features a 21" classic style 3.5hp motor fixed handle. It started out as a roadside garage sale find. Was beat up but ran, used it for one season before I decided a rebuild. I rebuilt it and noticed the motor wasn't that great. Used it one more season and when it became hard to start I bought a NOS shortblock. Once cleaned and assembled I noticed it ran very well and had aggressive power. This became my platform for any thought-up improvements. Its been 3 years now and it runs like a top. Improvements include 0.020 ignition advance keyway, 0.020 inch copper head gasket, rotator exhaust valve, 4200 RPM governor spring, platinum plug, tru-fuel gas, and synthetic racing oil. The green mower is my wife's which features a stock 1968 3.5hp motor.


I have new decals if you need them

By Rocco

Hello thanks for letting me join.
I Have a self propelled wood deck Sensation Model 022ESP (the S could be an 8) Serial # 42335
Had it for about 25 years never did anything with it. Engine is a Briggs Model 8. One wheel broken but all there. Anyone interested in this? I have pictures but not to computer savvy. Can email them from my phone.

By mower
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I was just putting some text together based on some things Wade had written over on Yahoo about the wood deck models on the Sensation History page, and I'm sure the model is 022E (electric) SP (self-propelled). Wade has talked about a 16E and said the wood deck models are pretty rare.

By Nate

This one must have been changed to gas engine some time ago.
The Briggs now on it a model 8 is from 1952 based on serial #
Since the Gas engine is not original based on the Electric serial #
I will most likely remove engine. I would give mower to a collector.
I put a picture on this site. Somewhere i am not good with computers.

(edit by Nate) see this page. Also, you'll find the picture by clicking on gallery along the top.

By mower

I need to get a set replacement blades for my SENSATION 18 GE, I also want to get a new grass catcher and sticker set for it Doe'sanyone know on where I can get them and what they cost?

By JSCress