Donor cam.

I had a camshaft from a 5hp Briggs laying around. I wondered what a 5hp cam stuffed into a 3.5hp Briggs would do. I personally am not a fan of the 5hp vertical engines (the 4hp is my personal fave) but the 3.5hp is growing on me considering I have so many laying around and therefore able to cut apart and use/abuse. The lift on the 5hp cam is a near 0.10" more than the stock 3.5hp cam. The 3.5hp cam total lobe lift is slightly under 0.900" and the 5hp cam is about 0.970" lift. The 5hp gear is different and will not fit nor work (if it did fit) in the 3.5hp engine, therefore blue collar surgery (cutting/welding) is needed.