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Do you have some 1” blade adapters?
We have a couple of older Sensations at Mississippi State University.
They break easily when the students try to sharpen the blades – particularly the two “pegs”.
Can they be safely used without the pegs?

Thanks for your help!

Dr. David Lang
Professor of Agronomy – Forage and Pasture Crops
Plant and Soil Sciences
320 Dorman Hall Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS 39762

By dlang@pss.MsSta...

Thank you for your inquiry. I do not have 1" blade adapters stocked here. There is a website where they are readily available. Here is the link.
I use them often.
It is fine to run them with the shear pins broken off. They break off quite often as a safety mechanism when you hit a stump or object. Almost everyone's breaks off.

By Rocco