1988 Sensation

Hello my name is Ted and im new to this site. I purchased an 88' Sensation mower. Tag reads Sensation A Division Of Lawnboy. So 88 was the year that Lawnboy bought out Sensation according to the time line. A little bit about the machine. It's powered by the Briggs 5hp I/C engine. I did research and Sensation was able to prove to the Consumer Products Safety Comitee that certain models were for commercial use only, this was back in 82'. Needless to say there is no blade brake, or safety lever to pull back on, just a few warning labels. Since i purchased it i replaced the flywheel key, gave it a light tune up, and installed a new pull cord. I also modified my spare Bobcat 21 chute to fit the Sensation. Stripped the green Bobcat paint and painted it the Rustoleum orange that Rocco suggested, came out nice!

Welcome aboard Ted, Sounds like a cool machine. The last of the greats!. Post a pic or email it to me and I'll post.

By Rocco

Interested to see the bottom of the deck. I have seen pictures with Sensations that have a round disc attached to the blade. Does your mower have this disc?? THX

By brody dog

Ive seen the blade discs as well. My mower does not have one.

By TW94

They help create the vacuum to bag the grass, especially wet grass. All the Sensation mowers are supposed to have them. It's a 10" steel disc. They are hard to find because people lose them. I can get brand new ones, but they aren't cheap.

By Rocco