Thanks for letting me join.

I was excited to see this resource available after researching my 14" Mower I just purchased. I have never heard of Sensation Mowers but I am looking forward to trying to restore this one.

You will find most of what you need here.

By Rocco

Looking for any information on a sensation electric lawn mower


Sensation made many electric models while Howard Phelps owned the company from 1938 - 1966. Some had wood decks, some had aluminum or steel decks. Can you identify the model you have or describe it?

By rldebuse
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Aw, you make me incredibly jealous! Where did you find that little beauty? My wife, of all people, wants a 14" - she loves "baby versions" of things. And I actually have a couple of places to use it!

By Sensational Tom
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see page 6 of this 1980s era catalog:
the 14" version was referred to as a "trimmer" in that one. For some reason I have in the back of my head that these were once referred to as a "Cemetery mower" but I don't remember why I thought that and I can't find any mention on this site about it. Now that Yahoo Groups has tossed all of our old messages we can't go search there, but I did manage to download them all using a script before they did so I'll see if I can find where I put that and search around in there too. I think the 14" ones are worth restoring if you do it make sure to post pics!

By Nate
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I did find the post from the Yahoo Group I was thinking about. Sadly, we didn't know much about it but I posted it on this page:

By Nate

That ben kid had some serious internet archeology skills.

By Rocco