14L2-2 Trimmer (Cemetery mower)

1981 Model 14L2-2 (Commercial Trimmer), 3HP 4-cycle Briggs and Stratton engine, 14" blade


Would like to purchase a 14 in. trim/cemetery mower with or w/o engine. Any leads would be appreciated.

By Martin49

Good morning. I was about to list a 14" Mower on eBay but saw your post. Shoot me an email and send pics to see if you are interested. The unit is in Houston, TX. orangel at mdanderson dot org

By ograngel

Would be interested in purchasing your mower. Would have to pay shipping on top of what you are asking ?

By Martin49

I can send you pictures if you like.

By ograngel
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I found this information in my archived emails from the Yahoo group and thought I would post it here.

Subject: [sensation_mowers] Differences Between 14L2-0, -1 and -2
From: "Benjamin Edge"
Date: 3/2/09, 10:43 AM


What are the major design differences between Sensation's 14" Cemetery Trimmer/Mower model 14L2-0, 14L2-1 and 14L2-2? Other than the Briggs & Stratton 3 hp engine being the same on all three, what are the notable revisions which reflect each revision number?

B&S' engine has a "Dial-Trol" control knob (which is mounted directly on the engine) which allows you to change the governed speed anywhere between 2,200 and 3,500 rpm. There are three positions before STOP (which obviously brings the engine to a complete stop); these are LOW (2,200 rpm), MEDIUM (2,900 rpm) and HIGH (3,500 rpm). Because the blade is only 14" long, it is preferred you set the engine on HIGH for optimum performance.

I can say that model 14L2-2 is the one which has an orange deck, as opposed to the earlier two versions which had a metallic blue deck. The engine and handlebar are white in color on all three versions. Were there any model 14L2-2s made after Sensation's takeover by Gilson in 1982 (among other things, the B&S engine would now have a MAGNETRON electronic ignition)?


Subject: [sensation_mowers] Sensation Mower Model Designations
From: "Benjamin Edge"
Date: 3/9/09, 7:34 PM

Could anyone please decipher what all the numbers of a Sensation mower model number mean? (I think I may be accurate on some of the descriptions.)

Example: 11L4-0

I. First two characters indicate nominal cutting width in inches:
11, 21: 21 inch cut (53.34 cm)
19: 19 inch cut (48.26 cm)
14: 14 inch cut (35.56 cm) (Cemetery Trimmer/Mower)

II. Letter indicates duty rating or propulsion type:
G: consumer
L: commercial/rental
S: self propelled

III. Last number before hyphen indicates the engine type:
2: 2.5 or 3 hp B&S 4-cycle engine (82500/92500), or 4.3 hp Kawasaki 2-cycle engine (KT-43)
3: 3 or 3.5 hp B&S 4-cycle engine (82900/92900/93500)
4: 4 hp B&S 4-cycle engine (100900/110900/111900/114900)
5: 5 hp B&S 4-cycle engine (130900/131920/132920)

IV. Number after hyphen indicates the design level.

Now, if Wade could please send me close-up scans of his Sensation 14" Cemetery Trimmer/Mower owner's manual, particularly the front cover and the page with the features available for the 14L2-0 and 14L2-1 (he shall contact me via XXXX)

Thank you,


By Nate