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Hey guys I was given this sensation mower -engine and am looking for some advice or direction. Looking to build a bullet proof mower that will out live me. My biggest question is Motor, do I just buy a new 6.5hp Briggs or contact some to build me a older Briggs 3.5 or 4. Been lurking on the site for the past week and it seems the older motors are very hard to find. Any opinions or advice would be great.



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By tqz0001
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Both are valid options. Rocco sells motors - see Services but a newer Honda is a great solution as well. Rocco can offer some tips on that method as well - and probably already has here somewhere Id have to dig around to find it.

By Nate

I have a Sensation snowblower model ESB and I can not find any information on it is there someone that can help me thanks for your time

By Jim

Thanks Tony, I have most of the parts to build you a monster 4hp. You'll be very happy.

By Rocco