Re-bearing/rubber or Buy New

Good morning, hope all is well. I came across a Sensation on Craigslist that I picked for $20 that I am absolutely amazed by the rigidity of the frame and how well it pushes (keep in mind on bearings that need serviced/replaced) compared to my Honda I always ranted and raved about. My question(s) are as follows:

1. Is it easier to buy new wheel assemblies online vs. re-bearing/rubber my existing wheels? I have the mag wheel type .... any feedback would be awesome on this as I can't wait to put Ricky Carmichael (My Honda) away and use my restored Sensation C19 to have the neighbors wondering what i am using to cut my grass with.

2. What sites would you all recommend for new tires if I go down that route?

3. Has anyone added cerks to their hubs?

I'll post pics of my project as I get them downloaded.

Thanks in advance!

Big Tuna Fish

The mag type wheels are collectable, It's a pretty straightforward procedure to knock out the old bearings and press in new ones using a table vise. Just bring the old bearings to a good hardware store and they should have bearings. There's 2 in each wheel, so you'd need 8. that can get expensive. You really don't need super expensive bearings. Zerks are replaceable and any good hardware store has them. I don't think the mags have them and I suppose you can try to drill and tap them in. I don't think there's enough "meat" there though. The rubber is a different matter. I used to have just the replacement rubber but sold it all. I had a guy on ebay that had them, I can't really find a good supplier. They have to be boiled for 15 mins before you to try to install them. You can boil them off less expensive wheels like Arnold wheels if you really want to keep your mags. For residential use, I'm on 7 years with standard hardware store bearings and never needed to re-grease. They roll like new. You can get new wheels though from Russo. You would need 4 8" wheels for your 19". They are listed under Bobcat wheels. 2" offset

By Rocco

Thank you, appreciate your help. One other question, I am wanting to fabricate handle brackets on the rear of the deck vs. having the flipover handlebars. Are there any templates you could steer me towards to accomplish this?

By brycemiles

I suppose I can scan the brackets and email them to you. Then you'd have a template

By Rocco

Thank you Rocco, I just patched my discharge chute and am moving onto the handle bars. Much appreciated.

By brycemiles

Did you have any luck on finding the rubber for those mags....I’m in the same situation.



By tqz0001
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Rocco, if you do end up photographing or scanning those, post 'em up here too!

By Nate