WARNING - see last post by Rocco below

Hello my friend has a brand new 1986 21" Sensation Flip Handle that has never been used. It has been sitting on the shelf for all these years. Engine Never Saw Gas or Oil. If interested please contact Thank you!

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Oh my i like this one better!

By Sensational Tom

I picked this mower up for a great deal and am very happy with it. Truly never has been used. Keeping it in my NOS mower collection.

By kingbowl93

How many you have in your collection?

By Rocco

This is my only Sensation but I have a few NOS Lawn Boy mowers.

By kingbowl93

No I have not scooped this up because this person is not a legitimate person to deal with. He's some sort of scammer. Several people on this site attempted to make deals with this guy for this mower and other engines. He cross-posts on different sites, makes deals using the same items with different people looking for the best bang for his buck. Consider yourself warned.

By Rocco