Model 2CG6Q?

I inherited from my dad, the lawnmower of my youth. It is a model 2CG6Q. I don’t have any details on it or remember when he bought it. All I know is that I pushed this mower when I was a kid back in the early 70s and now 40 years later, me and my kids are still pushing it to mow our lawn. The odd thing about the mower deck is that the word Sensation is not cast into the metal. It is a sticker. My dad used to say that the deck is magnesium. Could this be true? Any info anyone has would be much appreciated.

Do you have pics? The decks are typically an aluminum/magnesium alloy.

By Rocco

Rocco, I just added some photos to the gallery for you to look at. The motor is not original. The original was a white painted Tecumseh.

By BobbyKaye