Mowers For Sale! Good Ones!!!!

I will be selling off several of my Sensation lawn mowers. I have 3 mowers all in great shape and running! No junk here! I have a FULLY rebuilt/painted 3.5hp mower with swing handle, I have an ALL ORIGINAL 3.5hp mower with swing handle in VERY good shape, and I have another 3.5 hp recent restoration that was used a few years in great shape for sale. Make a reasonable offer. I will sell all as a lot too. These are the best used mowers you'll find.. Not non-running junk pulled off a scrap heap, or mowers in service for 40 years and about to die. Look at the non-original junk on ebay and craigslist. These aren't them!

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Update this post with some pictures when you get a chance!

By Nate

I will be posting pics soon. Getting them all tuned and cleaned up. Maybe thursday ill have them up

By Rocco
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Nice!! Rocco does not own or sell junk. His work is impeccable! If you buy from him, you will be satisfied! In my numerous dealings with Rocco, I’ve always walked away feeling that I got more than what I paid for. Seriously! This sounds like the perfect opportunity to get a few machines which will be as good or better than when they rolled out of the Sensation factory!


By Kopfjaeger

Thanks. Joe, appreciate that. These are good mowers. Gave 'em a once over.

By Rocco
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Hello, I am in Southern California and am interested in one of your mowers.
Either the fully rebuilt one or the rebuilt slightly used one.
Are either of the. Green?
I have a 1970 green 21 incher I was going to restore. But maybe we can work something out

By Johnd

emailed you

By Rocco

Hi Rocco,

Do you currently have any Sensation mowers left?

By gjerry

I have 3 up for sale. One thats 100% rebuilt and is a bruiser, 1 custom mulcher i did 5 years ago and was lightly used, and 1 all original, just tuned up.

By Rocco