4hp NOS build-up (follow along series)

Here's from a box of parts I've recently been collecting to do the ever requested engine build-up. I will be doing this in steps as time permits. Currently you're looking at a 4hp period correct shortblock that was completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and all metal on metal parts deglazed with 1000 grit sand paper and degreased, and regreased with WD-40. Unfortunately I started the carb-tank assembly before the website started.


I think mine needs to look like this!

By CanyonDoug

Send it over, I'll return it like that.

By Rocco
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How much would you charge for this Engine (When it is fully restored?)


This particular engine is done. But A similar one would be around 430$. The 4hp engines are very hard to find now. If you do find a used one, it's destroyed. I bring these back to better than new.

By Rocco