Winter teardown


I decided to use the winter time to tear down and inspect my 3.5hp workhorse motor. This will be just a basic teardown, clean and inspect and reassemble. It runs great but has been hard to start lately. I built it 3 years ago and have run it hard for 3 years with just routine maintenance. The motor has served as the platform for any innovations I came up with to extract the most power out of it. As mentioned before it outperforms the 4hp and most 5hp motors.

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4hp NOS build-up (follow along series)


Here's from a box of parts I've recently been collecting to do the ever requested engine build-up. I will be doing this in steps as time permits. Currently you're looking at a 4hp period correct shortblock that was completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and all metal on metal parts deglazed with 1000 grit sand paper and degreased, and regreased with WD-40. Unfortunately I started the carb-tank assembly before the website started.

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Post your workhorses


Let's see your non-project workhorses. The mowers you use and abuse. The starts-every-time mow the lawn quick mower. Mine features a 21" classic style 3.5hp motor fixed handle. It started out as a roadside garage sale find. Was beat up but ran, used it for one season before I decided a rebuild. I rebuilt it and noticed the motor wasn't that great. Used it one more season and when it became hard to start I bought a NOS shortblock.

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The Green Machine


Rare 14" cemetery mower ready for duty. I'm hoping to upload Rocco's Green Machine images and then display them in a gallery.

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Sensation Mowers website launched


OK Sensational group members. Your patience has paid off. We carved our own little spot out of the 'net. Thanks to a very active and able group member (not me) I was able to secure our domain name and already have a title page. Bookmark and check in periodically on the progress. This will still be an active group and I'll work on getting all the (most) data over to our site.

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