Sales give-aways


Here are some give away items that salesmen gave to get leads on Sensation sales. I found a few recently at an uncles house after he passes away.

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Sensation Mowers Catalogs

John (smehgol) on the Yahoo site provided scans of this classic 1982 Sensation catalog back in July, 2008. Wade Rodman provided the Sensation Engine manual - not sure of the date, but it looks like its from a very old model. More recently Wade sent in scans of a huge parts manual! I will keep the files in the seven separate logical sections he provided them in.

Skunk-Works Mower is here!


Finally finished the Skunk-works mower!! Click the title to read all about it!

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Finished Project.


I finally finished one of my projects that's been sitting around since winter. It's a nice stock mower with brand New Old Stock Briggs motor off the shelf, and a powdercoated deck and handle. Runs as good as it looks.

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Another wooden deck


I brought these images over from the Yahoo site. They were originally posted by user volkswade (Wade) on Jul 29, 2011. This model, which looks like a very early version of Howard Phelps patented (1948) mowing machine is not in as pristine condition as keystoneservice's Wooden Deck Mower but it shows the wooden deck more obviously.

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Tom's 1981 19" with Flipover Handle


Rebuilt & Repowered with a 4 Hp "Skunk Works" Motor by Rocco

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new old stock


friend was cleaning out garage and found 1976 mower in box.he has no need for it so he gave to me

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Motor Maintenence


The decision to get your trusty heirloom motor rebuilt comes with trepidation. It has served you well for many years and now it's looking tired and you want to pay it back by giving it a spa day at Over the years you have gotten very used to how your motor works, performs, starts and what to expect and any other little quirks about it. Once I get your motor it is completely torn down to a bare block, fully degreased, fully sandblasted, and degreased again....

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Where do they go?


You would think after building project after project, I'd have lawnmowers all over the house. Fact is you'd be hard pressed to locate one here. A walk through would reveal just one or two regular use mowers like any other household. So where do they all go? Well I post them up here to live online forever, but in reality they are stored properly and put away. I once had a lead to a Sensation collector and was told he was the biggest Sensation collector around (read on).

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Walt's Mower


After many years of faithful service, a member decided to send in his motor to get a refreshing. While the motor was here, he refurbished the rest of the mower. Looks stunning and ready for duty for another 39 years!

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